Wendy Kagan



Open the barn doors and come inside to read a few samples of my work, from magazine clips to projects (coming soon). Or check out my bio to learn more about me.

Meanwhile, why the red barns? You could say they’re a fetish, a kind of architectural muse. As a Hudson Valley denizen, I’ve always loved these scruffy icons of Americana. I love the way the floors creak and the light slants through the uneven wallboards. I love the musky smell of hay. I have lived in two converted barns. The first was a red one in a river town called Cold Spring, where I got married to fellow writer Michael Belfiore. The second, a white one upriver in Woodstock, is where we live now with our two daughters, Amelie and Jade.

Current inspirations: the meadow that lines our road...building fairy houses with Amelie...home yoga practice...reading Tina Cassidy’s book Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born...nature walks with Jade...Michael’s home-baked bread...late-autumn palates and earth-soaking rain.



Too feeble fall the impressions of nature on us to make us artists. Every touch should thrill.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Woodstock landscape
Woodstock road
Wendy Kagan